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Dear supporters of MONTE ALEGRE – The Place to Be !


With a core team of more than 10 members of the non-profit agency “ProKulturgut.net e.V.” in cooperation with the “Akademie der Kulturen NRW” we lay a foundation and are awaiting essential approval by mid-september 2017.

The next step to realising “MONTE ALEGRE – The Place to be” requires the support of those who want to invest and participate.


Developing the project requires work and funding.

If you can identify with our vision and planned activities and want to fulfill yourself in the context of this project you are more than welcome.You have the opportunity to shape the appearance of MONTE ALEGRE and discover a  new perspective on life with joy and a lifely environment full of involved and dedicated people.

Here are some ways you can contribute to our forward-looking project “MONTE ALEGRE – The Place to Be”


1) Dedicated voluntary work

Monte Alegre needs freelance workers and professionals in every field:

Fundraising, marketing, education, ecological construction, handcrafts, ecology, gardening, health, hotel industry, art, youth work.


You have the option to earn “LQ (LifeQuality)-Points” while working for us.

These can be exchanged for all kinds of goods and services, like:

– Workshops, seminarys etc.

– Holiday-Travel, leisure facilities

– Vouchers

– organic food, health products

– and much more


2) Direct or indirect funding

This is the basis for constructing the touristic facility for well-being, creativity, education and healing of body and spirit:

  1. Deposits
  2. Interest-free loans
  3. Tax-deductible donations
  4. Sponsoring
  5. Complementary acquisition of skilled labour
  6. Acquisition of funds and sponsors


MONTE ALEGRE can become YOUR project!

You aquire options and the right to permanent, recurring residence in MONTE ALEGRE.

We are looking forward to meeting you! Please send us a detailed presentation of your project and individual skills!


Welcome to MONTE ALEGRE  – The Place to Be!

Reinhard Kreckel & the Alegre Team!


Rechungpa Reinhard Kreckel and the Alegre Team


0049 151 41479643
(We call you as soon as posible)

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