WORLD FUSION CONCERTS – Progressive Avantgarde Music
Happy –  Animating – Mindful – Relaxing

with Ustad Hanif Khan (Tabla India), Rechungpa (Gongs, Voc, Perc),
Sazed Ul Alam, (Sitar, Guitar, Harmonium, …) Daniel Stocker (double bass),
– and possibly other musician friends. Depending on the booking days, the line-up may vary slightly with other or other musicians from the circle of friends of  The Positive Creative World Ensemble.

Admission with advance reservation 18€ (normal) / 12€ (social discount)- on concert evening 20€ (normal) / 14€ social discount)
Reserve via sms or whatsapp 0034 675374923 Mario

contact: artProAgency 0049 151 4147 9643 Rechungpa by telegram | signal | whatsapp

Extract from the press portfolio: World-Fusion Concerts – Musicos:

– Ustad Hanif Khan, the highly esteemed tabla master from Mumbai and Rajasthan, accompanied and played since his youth with lot of legendary musicians like Ustad Sultan Khan (sarangi), Ustad Zakir Hussain (tabla), Carlos Santana (guitar), David Liebman (sax)… . On his tours and festival participations (f.e. WOMAD, World Music Evolution) he presents and integrates his brilliant rhythms and extraordinarily sensitive and melodic tabla sounds in classical, bollywood and fusion projects. Since 2012 he is special guest of the international ensemble The Positive Creative World from Germany and played with the band at festivals in Germany, Europe and their India tour 2017 through Rajasthan.

Sazed Ul Alam began his musical career with his own group The Souls, at the age of 15 and this band was the most reputable and well-known band in Bangladesh. Sazed has studied anthropology in Uppsala-Sweden and music with various Indian masters (University of Bombay-India). He made his skills in sitar, guitar, harmonium and many other instruments, deeply involved in Indian classical music as well as in lot of fusion music projects. Since 35 years in Europe and 17 years in Spain he resides in Elche, Valencia where he interprets, composes and gives classes on all the different instruments that he masters. He formed groups of world music and fusion with Jazz as “Kirwani Orchestra” or groups of Indian classical music and dance. With his old group “The Souls Band” he now fuses different musical styles like rock, pop, jazz, funk and reggae, in a magical, colorful, polyrhythmic and spiritual way that is really original.

– Rechungpa is artist in different fields and known for intuitive music and instant composings with gongs, singing bowls, overtones and various percussions – from Sounds of Silence to Mantra Pop to World Fusion. He is the bandleader of The Positive Creative World Ensemble and played in various formations with musicians from all over the world – Festivals and Concert Tours in Europe and India.

– Daniel Stocker is a passionate double bass player and knows how to use the characteristic sounds of his instrument and the rhythm for groovy and experimental impulses – in musical performances as effective as in his successful commitment to permaculture. For years he has played with jazz and world musicians and various formations in Switzerland and Malaga.

· Andrés Ruz  is a young multi-instrumentalist and composer.  With a passion for ethnomusicology and improvisation, he uses instruments such as flamenco guitar, voice and harmonic singing, bansuri, drums and world flutes, didgeridoo and harmonica to create eclectic and personal music.