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– Happy – Animating – Mindful – Relaxing … and always fresh ideas

Intuitive Music for Happiness, Friendship and Development

After successful and inspiring concerts of the ensemble at festivals in Germany, Croatia and Spain, the ensemble was selected by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia to spread its positive energy in India at the culmination of the 2017 season.

The group is famous for it’s musical innovation and intercultural projects. In encounters with internationally renowned stars of world, jazz and folk and spiritual music, many first-class and touching pieces are created. The ensemble combines elements from different musical traditions and fascinates its audience with instant composings.

Invited by Indian partners, the Kalashray Foundation and Yogacharya Nayeem Khan, who is organizing the entire tour in India, The Positive Creative World will be performing a charity tour in India at the end of the year and presenting the music of his talented musicians on stages such as Barmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Delhi.

In addition to the big concerts, special highlights are musical meetings with regional Indian folk musicians in various villages.

Plays with 5-7 musicians and integrates „special guests“ of the region / the host country

Space and time to experience new sound worlds

Delicate and powerful, invigorating and grooving rhythms · uplifting, touching and enthralling sounds · mantras and sensual lyrics … a genre-transcending fusion of the music of cultures. – For artists and audiences this means: Resonate, refuel your energy, relax, develop ideas and take new impulses into personal everyday life.

 Intuitive music and instant composings combined with composed elements and associative themes are the speciality of this extraordinary group. The musicians continually explore new, fresh ways of expressing their archaic and modern, acoustic and electronic instruments and find perfection in harmonious interaction. The type and concept of the intercultural fusion ensemble is unique not only in NRW.

The artists develop the universal language of music together in alternating compositions and with new musical encounters – each performance becomes a unique experience. Bringing positive energy with music into the world and using it for communication, peace keeping and personal growth is the idea – with joy in playing, common creativity, in touch with the audience.

The audience can especially look forward to the following artists:

  • Ustad Hanif Khan, the highly respected tabla master from Mumbai and Rajasthan, has already accompanied Ustad Sultan Khan on his world tours and touches the audience with his brilliant rhythms and extraordinarily sensitive and melodic tabla sounds. As very special guest he will accompany The Positive Creative World Ensemble on their India Tour 2017.
  • Yogacharya Nayeem Khan, the famous Yogamaster from Rajasthan conducts a relaxing ceremony integrated into the concert as a special highlight.
  • Rechungpa is wellknown for his intuitive improvisation with gongs, singing bowls, overtones and various percussions.
  • Jim Galakti, born in Russia, has played with jazzy trumpet sound on the world’s biggest stages
  • Jens Pollheide is one of the most popular musicians in the country and became known with flute and grooving bass in famous bands of the world music scene like Embryo or the Transorient-Orchestra
  • Gunnar Nesterov is a sensitive virtuoso on drums and percussions and a student of the famous Nippy Noya
  • Ivan Snegur from Kazakhstan has been living in Germany since 2003, studied guitar at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and has been working with various groups in NRW ever since.
  • Tingeltangel Hanni from NRW and Thailand is a saxophonist and guest musician for the first time.
  • Further guest musicians will be announced.

You can find out more about live concert dates and how to join us at

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The Positive Creative World

Ustad Hanif Khan

Ustad Hanif Khan

Rechungpa - gong, vocal, percussion


Jim Galakti

Jim Galakti

Jens Pollheide

Jens Pollheide


Gunnar Nesterov

Tingeltangel Hanni

Yogacharya Nayeem Khan