Breathing Fire Swinging Earth Concert: with RECHUNGPA & ROBERTO HERRUZO, Multi-Instrumentalists with gong, percussion, voice, flute, strings, bicycle harp….

The German sound artist Rechungpa fills the space with Gong, singing and percussion with waves of different intensity and confluence, similar to the rhythm of the tides in combination with grounding energy.

Mantras full of strength and profound lyrics, unmistakably interchangeable with tonalities and singing, as an experimental instrument with new sounds, coming from acoustics and electronics.

In this landscape of knowledge Rechungpa finds musicians of many cultures and genres, at the present time the artist Roberto Herruzo, a composer and multi-instrumentalist whose art cannot be classified.

Roberto plays with conventional, ethnic and habitual objects of daily life, converted by the artist himself into handmade instruments. He uses his voice, among other things, for high tones, kargiraa, throat singing and lighted moans, dominating his voice, like an old master, with the Beatbox. Even so his harp, made from a bicycle,  and the different tonalities of his Loop machine.


Info/Booking: Fernando Gil, 0034 618 520 721